Skyline Sailing Yacht

A premium sailing experience where you can enjoy whale & dolphin watching in comfort & style

Skyline Sailing Yacht

Climb aboard the Skyline Sailing Yacht & enjoy whale & dolphin watching aboard this premium sailing yacht.

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Skyline Sailing Yacht

With our superb and highly qualified team, you can relax and enjoy a wonderful excursion on board our premium sailing yacht.

We have 3 standard daily departure times, each of 3-hour duration (flexible with Private Charters).

Skyline Sailing Yacht Tenerife

A Unforgettable Excursion or Charter

Skyline Sailing Boat offer the best and most affordable way to see the wildlife in the Atlantic sea in Tenerife in their natural environment. Skyline Sailing Boat offers daily whale & dolphin watching trips either as part of a group or on a private charter where you have the boat completely to yourself and your friends & family.


Skyline Sailing Boat is located in Puerto Colon, Costa Adeje with easy access to the sea, the whales & dolphins and within reach of a handful of spectacular beaches where the boat anchros up for the swim stop & food during the trips.

Whale & Dolphin Watching in Tenerife

Have a perfect excursion, or charter, with your family and friends; in complete harmony with nature and in one of the most beautiful seas in the world, watching whales and dolphins. This is a luxury experience, at an unbeatable price. Skyline Sailing Boat is especially designed for providing the maximum comfort during the excursion; departing from Puerto Colón (Costa Adeje), the most central port of Tenerife south.

In Contact With Tenerife's Nature

Tenerife features one of the world's richest ecosystems. During the excursion or charter, Skyline Sailing Boat will drop anchor in unspoiled bays where you can enjoy bathing in the sea and practicing snorkel with beautiful fish and turtles (snorkel equipment included) and watch whales and dolphins (in Canary Islands we have more than 29 diferent species!).

Skyline Sailing Boat

There are very few things in this world more exhilarating than sailing, driven by the wind and enjoying the fabulous landscape of Tenerife. Moreover, all our excursions include food and drinks. You can relax and enjoy, whilst we take care of everything for you.

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Maximum privacy for all your celebrations

Check our excursions, private charter and standard prices by clicking the links provided . Contact us if you want to modify any of them, or celebrate any special event. Whether you are planning your honeymoon, anniversary, romantic outings, birthdays or business trips; we will provide all the resources you need and all of this, away from crowds. Enjoy this intimate trip, in a cosy environment, on Skyline Sailing Boat.

Suitanable development and Blue Boat

Our sailboat is one of the few in Tenerife with this distinction, that certificate that this company fight for a suitanable development. We believe that is possible (and essential) to enjoy our sea respecting the environment.

We are "Blue boat", it is, we are authorized for cetacean observation by the Canary Islands Government, Directorate General of Planning and Tourism Promotion Consejaría of Tourism, Culture and Sports.

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